10 ways to deal with writer’s block

It is mid-morning on Saturday; I have been wracking my brain on what to write for the blog and have been coming up short. I have a list as high as the sky about potential topics but nothing is inspiring me so much so that I physically and mentally cannot write.

Is this what they call writer’s block?

If it is, let me tell you what I did to overcome it.

  1. Clean my environment

    Ok. I will admit it. I am a clean freak and having a clean environment helps me be productive.
    Here is a little secret: I like pottering and organising the house but I hate actual chores (*such as doing the laundry or vacuuming so Scott and I have established an agreement. I do the organising and he does the heavy cleaning *). It works for me and him (he hates organising).

    A tidy workspace is relaxing

  2. Do some light exercise

    If you cannot go outside, some light exercising such as yoga or meditation would also do the trick. The aim is to clear your mind.

  3. Get Hydrated

    I got this app recently that calculates how much water I need to be having daily and boy was I surprised. I thought that I was doing well by having 1 litre daily, turns out that I need 1.7 litres. When I am dehydrated, my brain is foggy and I cannot concentrate, so drink some water and I promise you will feel better

  4. Get some fresh air

    I am lucky enough to have a park right across my apartment and hence I can head over for a walk and some fresh air.

  5. Get myself clean

    I am a lot happier and productive when I have showered. A short facial doesn’t hurt as well. My favorite mask at the moment is the Tata Harper resurfacing mask.

  6. Put some music on

    I recently realised that I write much better when I have some music in the background. This was a massive surprise for me. Lets just say that I am music illiterate. Don’t ask me about artist names, song names and all that jazz. I will not be able to help. But surprise surprise, I love having music on.
    My favorite playlist is the “Uplifting Pop Motivation” on Google Play. It’s either that or Adele.

  7. Read some inspirational articles and stories

    Talking about inspiration, how inspirational is Adele? She is so funny and down to earth and has achieved so much and at such a young age as well.
    My inspiration at the moment is Jo Horgan. She founded Mecca (if you are not in Australia, Mecca is a beauty store). It is one of a kind in Australia and it is one of the most popular and profitable beauty stores.
    She is a true inspiration.

  8. Give myself a deadline

    I don’t work well under pressure but having a deadline is a great source of motivation for me. Or rather should I say that It kicks my competitive nature into play. Nothing is going to beat me not even time (whoop whoop).

  9. Promise myself a treat

    After I finish this article, I will treat myself with a new dress. The reward method is working quite well for me right now. I am super excited at building my Europe Wardrobe. It’s okay to treat yourself sometime, it can be whatever works for you.

  10. Start Writing

    The last step and the most important step is to just start writing. Don’t worry about the how it looks and edits. Just start typing away and let the story flow, you can go back to do edits afterwards.


And there you go, these were the 10 things I did to get over my writer’s block. I finished this 700 word article in under 30 minutes. I dare say that’s pretty good.


How do you motivate yourself? Let me know in the comments below.



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