11 tips on how to manage stress

Stress has always been part and parcel of my life. Having a high strung job will do that for you. Over the years I have learnt a few tricks to manage my stress level. During the journey I came to the realization that there is never a good time to relax; there is always something to do and always someone clamoring for your attention.

What I learnt to do after various failed attempts is demand this time, from my partner, my work, my friends and family but more importantly myself. I learnt to say no and to stop for a breath every now and then. It is very much like learning to swim freestyle, for the first few times, you are uncoordinated and you do not know at which point to stop and come up for air. And in a very similar way, you learn that you need to stop after every few beats and you come up for air naturally, take a moment and then go back.

In an ideal world we would never let ourselves be overwhelmed, but life is far from ideal and hence I had to learn to take that breath and that moment to regroup.

By now, you must all know how much I love travelling and it stands to reason that travelling is one of my biggest stress busters.

However I cannot travel all the time and the items below are some of the other ways that I relax and hence manage my stress levels.

  1.     Spend some quality time with my favorite person

It does not matter how sad and cranky I am, I generally feel a lot better when I am with Scott.

  1.     Having a clean and tidy environment

I aim to keep my home clean and tidy as much as possible. It is a lot to easier to decompress after work if you come back to a clean home.

Managing stress - a tidy environment is key

  1.     Set the mood

This usually involves lighting some candles and getting cozy.

  1.     Have a bath

Taking a bath is one of my favorite things to do to relax. If you are lucky enough to have a bath at home, try the following combo:

Start running water into the bath and then add some Epsom salts followed by a bath bomb and some foaming soap.

Managing stress - a relaxing bath

  1.     Go for a spa treatment

This is obviously a lot pricier and very much a treat. But I aim to do one spa treatment a year, usually around my birthday.

  1.     Pampering session at home

Given that a spa session can cost an arm and a leg, I usually tend to have regular pamper sessions at home, usually on a Sunday. My pamper session involves giving myself a facial and doing my nails.

  1.     Exercise

I hate absolutely exercising, but I cannot deny that I always feel better after a workout. It must be all those endorphins.

  1.     Meditate

Meditating is tricky in the beginning but ultimately worth it. When I first started, I kept falling asleep and it was hard to not let my thoughts intrude, but I got better with practice.

Meditation allows me to calm down my thought processes and enjoy the small things in life. My favorite thing to do is to meditate with our balcony door open to enjoy the breeze and the sound of nature.

  1.     Read a book

I love reading. I actually prefer reading to watching media (hence the Blog, as opposed to YouTube). It is by far my preferred medium. I tend to get very engrossed when I am reading and for a while I forget about everything around me. I love to immerse myself into the story, which in turn has the benefit of helping me relax.

Fun Fact: Scott is not allowed to talk to me while I am reading (he, of course, never adheres to that, but oh well, he just has to put up with my vague responses)

  1.  Drive to the Country.

I never feel better than when I am driving on open roads with Scott by my side. Some of our best conversations has been had on a drive to the country.

Walking in Nature, Bright

  1.  Walk in nature

I am not a big fan of running, never was. However I enjoy long walks especially in forests. There is something quite peaceful about being surrounded by tall trees and listening to the birds.


So here you go, this is what I do to relax. I hope that you found my tips useful. I am always on the lookout for ways to clear my mind and relax, so feel free to share your tips in the comments below

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