9 tips to avoid falling sick on holidays

Have you ever noticed, how you very often fall sick on the first few days of your holidays? There is a simple reason behind this. The fact is that the more stressed and busy you are, the quicker you will fall sick as soon as you take a breather and relax.

I know, it is simply not fair. However, I have good news. You can actually take steps to prevent this from happening.

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Lake Catani, Victoria

Lake Catani, Victoria

Here are 9 things you can do to prevent the dreaded holiday sickness:

  • Vitamin C
    A couple of weeks prior to the long awaited leave, make sure to start upping your vitamin C level. Make sure to keep taking some Vitamin C during your flight and when you first arrive at your destination
  • Get a flu shot
    This is a tricky one. It does not always help you from getting sick but it’s like insurance. You never know when you will need it. Just make to get it a couple of months prior to your vacation.
  • Avoid sick people
    This is pretty self explanatory – but definitely worth doing.
  • Relax
    I wrote a whole post on why relaxing is important for your general health and little things that you can do to help you relax. Stress is the biggest killer, mostly because we tend to think that we can cope with it until we fall sick. So try to take small breathers every now and then.
  • Transition slowly
    This is probably the hardest to do, because as we all know, we inevitably get the busiest right before we go on leave. Everyone tries to get you to do something right before you leave and you invariably get super busy and stressed. While it’s hard to do, try to limit expectations and transition slowly to a more relaxed mental state to avoid shocking your system.
  • Exercise
    Urgh. This is by far my least favorite thing but it is important. Not only will exercise help you stave off any sickness but will also help you with jetlag.

    Mount Buffalo Lookout, Victoria

    Mount Buffalo Lookout, Victoria

  • Eat Healthy foods
    By this I mean try to get some vitamins and minerals in your diet. The best way to do that is to up your intake of fruits and vegs with the added benefit of also minimising jetlag.
  • Clean the hell out of your space on the plane
    Planes and by extension your seat is one of the dirtiest environments. It is also the place where you are most likely to start getting sick as you are exposed to lots of potentially sick people and the recirculated air does not help.
    There are a few things that you can do to minimise the risk:

    • Don’t brush your teeth or wash your face with the water in the bathroom
    • If you are next to a sick person, use your scarf to protect yourself
    • Use anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down your seat area before you sit down
  • Keep Hydrated
    It is very easy to get dehydrated on the plane given how dry it is. It is very important that you keep drinking water to ward off sickness and related dehydration conditions.


This is a very short and sweet post but I hope that you can use these tips to avoid falling sick on your holiday. After all, there is nothing worse than losing precious vacation days holed up in your hotel.

Are you off on holidays? What are some measures that you take to avoid falling sick. Let me know in the comments below.



9 tips to avoid falling sick on holiday

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