How much to budget for London

I am always wondering how much money I should budget for a trip or place. Surprisingly it’s very hard to find that kind of information, so today I thought that I would do an analysis on how much we spent in London for 4 days.

Westminster, London

Westminster, London

Some things to remember when you are looking at the numbers:

  • There is two of us (my husband and I)
  • We are not budget travellers. I am sure that you could this on a much cheaper budget
  • We like our creature comforts
  • We will always value efficiency over money. The last thing I want to do is waste my precious holiday time. Hence I will choose accommodation in central locations which adds up to the cost.
  • We are foodies, so we tend to spend slightly more on food (not excessive amounts, but we would not balk at spending 50 pounds on dinner)

Obviously, everyone has different travel styles and that will impact the bottom line so please keep that in mind when you are looking at these amounts.

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Day 1-3 (Apex City London): 420 GBP

Day 4 (Z Piccadilly) 120 GBP

Total accommodation cost for 4 days = 540 GBP

Lessons learnt: We stupidly chose to switch hotels on our last day to save some money. While the location of the second hotel was great, the time wasted in the move meant that we lost precious time in London. This is one thing that we will never do again, switching hotels mid-way is simply not worth it.

Location is key. London is such a big city, so you have to choose your base carefully. The Tower of London in my opinion was just slightly too far away from central London, which cut down on sightseeing time.


285 GBP for all meals. We tend to avoid booking hotels with breakfast included as there are usually much better breakfast options available than a hotel buffet.

I love the food scene in London. It is ever changing with so many options to cater for every taste. I didn’t find the food to be atrociously expensive, but that’s probably because it was comparable to Melbourne prices.

The London Eye

The London Eye


190 GBP which covered sightseeing and a musical. If you want a rundown of what we saw and the best way to sight-see in London, then check out the ultimate sightseeing guide to London.


70 GBP for two Oyster cards, with credit for the Tube. This was not helped by the fact that Scott lost his Oyster card and we needed to buy another.


55 GBP, but it could have been so much more.  In one shop we saw a fur coat that was had a tag of £45,000 (yes, three zeros).  Crazy!

Total cost for 4 days = 855 GBP

Cost per day cost PP = 107 GBP

In essence, London is expensive, especially accommodation. Having said that, some of the best attractions such as Big Ben or the museums are free.

All in all though, I felt that we did pretty well to keep the budget at around 100 pounds per day per person.

What do you do to make London more affordable?



How much to budget for London

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