My Perfect Day in Paris

Paris, the name itself evokes a sense of excitement and romance. It is truly one of my favourite cities and I will always love it. In fact, I can pinpoint the exact moment that I fell in love with Paris. It was standing on the bank of the Seine looking at the Notre Dame de Paris. The sun was shining and everything felt right in the world.


If I ever only had one day in Paris, then this would be my itinerary:

I wake up to the sounds of Paris as I wander to my local boulangerie and grab a baguette and a couple of pastries after which I head back to the hotel where I demolish my loot while gazing at the scenery outside (I might have had a sneaky croissant while I walk back to my hotel).
Once fed and showered, I head out and my first stop is the Seine where I wander along until I reach the Marais to browse at some of the cool little boutiques.

A couple hours of browsing later, I head to the Louvre. I am not a fan of paintings but a big aficionado of history, so I wander through the various collections (the Egyptian collection is my favourite) until I start feeling peckish.
Tip: Just make sure to pre-book your tickets online and skip the main entrance. Instead use the Carousel entrance which is here. This will save you from having to queue.


Depending on how hungry I am, I will head to the Café Richelieu/Angelica at the louvre and eat on the balcony. Even though, I love lunching on street crepes, I feel that having lunch in the Louvre surrounded by all that history is an experience not to be missed. It makes me feel nostalgic thinking of how it would have been in the olden days.

After I had my fill of the Louvre, I head to Les Jardins des Tuileries and have a stroll and a rest. My feet will invariably lead me to the Place Vendome and the Rue St Honore. This is one of the nicest shopping streets in Paris albeit an expensive one, but a bit of window shopping never hurt. All of this is done while having a sneaky macaron or four.

After a quick pause and refresh at the hotel, I head off to one of my favorite experiences, which is go to dinner on this boat. It is such a magical thing to do. You get to appreciate Paris from the Seine while having a wonderful meal (request a table at the front of the boat). The boat wanders down the Seine from Notre Dame to the Eiffel tower just in time to watch it light up and sparkle.


This my friend is my idea of a perfect day in Paris.

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