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I heard a story yesterday which had a powerful impact on me. It is called “what would Donny do?”.

The story goes something like this: Twin brothers Johnny and Donny were separated and adopted at birth. Johnny was adopted by an Australian couple while Donny stayed in their home country of Nigeria.

30 years later, Johnny found Donny and they reconnected when Donny came to visit Johnny in Melbourne, Australia.

The first time they met was in a typical Melbourne café and while Johnny casually ordered his usual, Donny looks around and exclaims ‘WOW, this is so cool. I had never seen anything like this or seen so much food being consumed at once’.

The essence of their different experiences in the café is that your background impacts your perception of the world. While Johnny took his surroundings and his wealth for granted, Donny was awed by what would be a very normal situation for the average Australian.

Mount Martha, Mornington Peninsula

The reason why this story had so much an impact on me, is that even today after nearly 10 years of being in Australia and calling this country home, my perception of the world is influenced by my upbringing.  The small island girl that will forever be a part of me is constantly awed by her surroundings while craving to learn more about the world.

Travelling for me is never something that I take for granted and I truly cherish and value each experience that I have the privilege of encountering. My husband on the other hand, while he enjoys travelling, probably does not see it in the same light as I do. Scott was born and raised in Australia and had so many more opportunities than I have, travelling for example is a given to him.

Beachbox, mount martha, beach, Mornington peninsula

When I embarked on this journey to become a travel blogger, I remember trying to explain it to my husband. The reasons why I want to travel and maybe move overseas and he simply could not comprehend it.  He eventually understood but our different upbringings and backgrounds meant that what was a given to him was actually a dream come true for me.

Travelling has changed me for the better. It has taught me so much and I truly cannot wait for more experiences. My perception of the experiences that I encounter will be different from the average western world citizen

I am hoping to impart some of the wonder that I experience to the world. I am hoping to show you the world through my eyes and I hope that you enjoy the journey as much as I will.

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